The inventor and founder of our company, Pierangelo Ghilardi, came up with the idea of developing environmentally friendly spray paint booths in 2005. After several years of trial, error and optimisation, the product today is highly sophisticated and need fear no comparison.

Pierangelo Ghilardi took over parts of the former Saico SPA in Arezzo, one of the world’s leading spray booth manufacturers that was forced to close down due to the economic crisis in Italy.


In 2009, Ticino-born Mattia Rinaldi decided after years of selling paint spray booths to forsake the comfortable daily routine in a sales team and to found VEGA, a company that sold saicozero products in Switzerland under its own name.

In 2013, Pierangelo Ghilardi and Mattia Rinaldi decided to merge the two companies and took Reto Grogg, owner of a car restoration business, on board. Together they structured saicozero’s international sales and brand image.


Our head office is located in the Zurich area in Switzerland and from here we manage our international sales and administration. Our business model is based on developing our own sales and service network. We train external building technicians on a continuous basis.


We manufacture all the components that we develop and patent ourselves in the Milan area, Italy. The standardised components of our booths are made to order by companies with many years of experience in booth construction. We transport and ship our equipment all over the world.


We are seeking staff with sales experience for a wide range of different regions in Europe and the rest of the world. You will be professionally trained and responsible for developing a regional sales organisation. If interested, please apply to our head office in Switzerland.