«Flexizone» soft booth

The Flexizone is saicozero’s signature product. Since the front section is designed without pillars, vehicle manoeuvrability is greatly enhanced. During the spraying process, lower the curtains on three sides at the touch of a button and you will find yourself in a full-scale booth. Placing two booths next to each other enables much greater flexibility since the booth surface area can then be expanded in line with the number of booths.

«Multizone» hard booth

saicozero‘s Multizone only differs from the Flexizone in its exterior structure. For the walls, we use insulating sandwich panels. If required, the doors or walls can also be fitted with heat-insulating glass in order to see into the booth. Our hard booths have their roots in saico’s manufacturing tradition and will continue to be part of our product line.

Paint-mix room

Ventilated paint-mix rooms built in the same style as the Multizone hard booths ensure order and a clear view. Daylight illumination provides the right light for finding your colour tone. And with hinges that have proved their worth in booth construction for decades, the set-up formation is flexible.

Added features

Not being able to find a satisfactory vehicle lift system on the market, we decided to develop our own. The advantages of our lifts are crystal clear. They fit perfectly into the floor profiles that we have developed and minimise air resistance as the air circulates.
With the tilt option, the side of the vehicle to be sprayed is optimally directed at the air stream which accelerates the drying process. This also makes it ideal for the operator to apply the paint.

For small items, it is well worth including the extractor wall built onto the rear wall of the booth. This makes the overspray air suction more efficient when your booth is practically empty.

With our integrated dust extractor feature, you have the perfect solution for a multi-functional and well-structured workplace. The connections are located in the two front corners of the booth. Connect your sander to the integrated dust extractor here and when the work is done, it is easy to stow it away again in the optional wall storage unit.

The integrated wall storage unit is primarily designed to maintain order in the workplace. In combination with the integrated dust extractor feature, the wall unit serves as a storage space for sanders and hoses.

Particularly on hot days, this accessory serves to provide a more comfortable atmosphere in the spraying zone. On hot and humid days, it lowers air humidity dramatically allowing the sprayed product to dry more quickly.