Amazement is a yearning for knowledge.

And you thought you knew everything about spray booths?
In a saicozero spraying booth, you can sand, fill, spray and polish! With no need to move the object, you reduce the risk of dust, and win more time per order. Note too that despite sanding work in the booth, the filter only needs exchanging after 500 operating hours.

With our unique filter system that binds all pollutants and utilises heat energy from the overspray, both staff and the environment are protected. No fresh-air ventilation is required – nor do we emit pollution into the air.

With saicozero, we have succeeded in producing something quite unique – by excluding excess components. Our filter technology is set to revolutionise the paint application market over the next few years.

It is not only the simplicity of the technology that give our booths the edge. With all our components manufactured in Europe, it is also their quality. We believe that Europe has the edge in expertise and are convinced that the original is always better than a copy.

The simply designed control system makes the machine easy to use for the operator. Spray mode, light, curtains, service interval and features such as the optional floor lift are all controlled by touchscreen from one single unit, enabling the operator to give his full concentration to the painting.

The time period between dismantling an old booth and starting operations with the new equipment is always a problem for any business. Which is why we dedicate a lot of time to this aspect when developing our machinery. Choosing saicozero, you will face a maximum of only one week of downtime. Compare this with what our competitors have to offer.

Experience shows that a significant share of the costs of a spray booth arise from extra building expenses. Adjustments to the foundation can send the price rocketing. The base height at saicozero is 150 mm. We install the machine floating on the floor and avoid any excavation wherever possible. No need to say how much this reduces costs.

Why saicozero?

We don’t want to sell you anything without you seeing it for yourself first. We want you to know what you’re buying. Test our arguments. Contact one of our established customers. Form your own impression by listening to a fellow professional. Visit one of our reference booths and we will allow you and/or your team of sprayers to conduct a trial spray. Paint spray booths represent investments for the next 10 or more years. It’s worth investing time in making sure you buy the best tool for your needs.

We are happy to advise!

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