In a saicozero paint spraying booth, you can sand, fill, paint and polish! With no need to move the object, you reduce the risk of dust and win more time per order.

but true!

And you thought you knew everything about spray booths?

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Demo booth in Schlieren


Our demo booth in the German-speaking part of Switzerland is ready for you to try out. Trial sprays in our demo booth can be made on Saturdays if you advise.. read more

Test results from Suva


In Ticino, our equipment was controlled and measured by STS, a company commissioned by SUVA. The results confirm our statements about our filtration and we will gladly make them available.. read more

Approval from the USA


Our equipment was recently approved for sale in compliance with the American ETL/UL standard. In the meantime, several projects are now underway, news on which is regularly reported on our.. read more